Lincoln Logs vs. Legos

Danny Kummer and Trenton Holmquist

Danny: Lincoln Logs are the ideal building block in young children’s lives. In a world filled with capitalism and options, we need to bring the youth of America back to a simpler narrative. Legos simply give children too much creative ability, which we all know is bad for society. Lincoln Logs are simple. There is one way to stack them up, and everyone is equal. No child has any complex thoughts, and Lincoln Logs are perfect for being told what to do without questioning it. This is the way the system should be. Legos only corrupt children’s minds with original thoughts which only mislead them in today’s current society.

Trenton: When it comes to childhood building toys, Lego Bricks take the cake. Not only are Lego Bricks adaptable for all ages, they provide a wider range of structual diversity, compared to the boring build of Lincoln Logs. Lego blocks are a classic example of teaching the element of creativity to people of all ages.

Danny: Creativity isn’t even essential to children. Why overcomplicate things? All a child needs to know with Lincoln Logs is that they build them up one way, and that the logs they are playing with are named after the most famous U.S. president. How could anyone seek to “improve” a product named after such a historic figure? Society needs to stop trying to corrupt the minds of young children with complex thoughts. If society continues to lead them down this path of “lego fun and creativity,” who will be there to mindlessly follow orders anymore? Life as we know it could fundamentally collapse if children are continuously led down this path.

Trenton: Another thing that makes Lego Bricks so great are the endless possibilities. Lego Bricks provide builders with the ability to construct entire cities — not only cities, but other creations such as replica cars, tools, castles, planets and much much more. With Lincoln Logs, one can only build a village of cabins, which can also be done with Lego Bricks. In other words, anything that can be done with Lincoln Logs can be built ten times better if made out of Lego Bricks.