Spanish club students raise awareness for Latino culture

Sam Uhlarik, Staff Reporter

Throughout the school year, Spanish Club has been evolving and growing stronger, offering new opportunities to its members.

While its members now meet every other Monday after school, rather than Thursday, the club continues to offer a variety of activities that relate to Spanish culture. For example, several weeks ago members created Valentine’s Day cards in Spanish while listening to Latin music. Similarly, the club’s next meeting will involve cooking and trying different types of Latin food.

Not all meetings take place in school, however. Club sponsor Leslie Guimon details out-of-school

events, mentioning, “Sometimes we have activities that are outside of school, like bowling, volunteering at a nursing home and going to restaurants, but we meet at EGHS first.”

Guimon and fellow sponsor Pamela Coté do not plan activities; the students do. Once students decide on the activities they would like to participate in, the sponsors schedule the timing of them. Currently, twelve students are participating, many of whom are new members this year.

Spanish Club meets in room 230 from 3:30 to 4:25 every other Monday, in time for students to take the 4:30 activity bus. Guimon says that students interested in learning about Latino culture, improving their Spanish and meeting new friends should not hesitate to join.