Japanese Exchange unites students

Danny Kummer, Sectional Editor

The Japanese Exchange has come to Elk Grove for its 29th year. For the first part of the exchange, students from Ashikodai Fusoku and Ashitandai Fusoku schools in Japan will be arriving in Elk Grove today, and they will be returning on Friday, March 24th.

Several students have volunteered as hosts for the Japanese students for their two week stay. Three of these students plan to go to Japan this summer and stay with the families of the students they hosted.

There are several events planned for the Japanese students when they come to Elk Grove, including a welcome from their

host families on the day that the students arrive, a Student Council- sponsored Welcome Reception, a Chicago Bulls game, a musical production at the Lincolnshire Marriott, a tour around Chicago and a farewell party the night before the exchange students leave.

“The chance to get to know someone from a different country is wonderful,” said Japanese teacher Cliff Darnall. “You become more understanding of people that are different in any way than you are.”

With the arrival of these Exchange students, their hosts are given the opportunity to participate in the different activities planned, so they can get

to know their student very well over the course of their two week stay.

Some students have also chosen to Exchange back to Japan at the start of this summer. “I hope to explore Japan’s beautiful landscape and have amazing experiences with my host family,” said Junior Nicole Tabor. The exchange gives those students the opportunity to stay in Japan for three weeks, spend a few days around Tokyo and visit the schools from which the students they will be hosting attend.

“Overall, the Japanese Exchange has made me more comfortable with getting out of my comfort zone,” said Tabor.