Hot Dogs vs. Hamburgers

Grace Cloherty and Gaby Perez

Grace: Hot dogs are the future. They are efficient and, of course, tasty. You just carry this small tube of deliciousness around. Also, you could put an endless variety of toppings on it. The fact that it’s smaller and lighter than a hamburger means it won’t weigh down in your stomach like a pit. After you eat a hot dog, you still feel free.

Gaby: Ew. Grace, did you really just say hot dogs are the future? What does that even mean, dude? Even after someone eats a hot dog they still sometimes feel seven months pregnant. And, in fact, a burger is lower in saturated fat than a hot dog despite the size difference.

Grace: It may be lower in saturated fat, but hot dogs are less red meat overall, therefore better. Hamburger lovers are littered everywhere, but we all know deep in our hearts that hot dogs will be forever superior. Think of all the amazing hot dog spots right here in Chicago: “Gene and Jude’s,” and “Superdawg” are a few of my favorites. Oh, Chicago hot dogs galore.

Gaby: Just because hot dogs are less red meat does not make them overall better. Apart from that, hamburger lovers are everywhere because hamburgers overall taste way better than hot dogs. Hamburgers are also bigger and more filling. Since a burger is bigger, you can therefore also fit more toppings on it than you could on a hot dog. Overall, I know several people that dislike hot dogs, but name one person who doesn’t like hamburgers. You can’t because hamburgers are better and more popular than hot dogs and you lose, Grace!