Teamwork inspires girls gymnastics team to succeed

Naomi Wiley, Staff Reporter

The girls gymnastics team has had an accomplished season and received various accolades.

Head coach Amy Burke noted feeling proud of the young gymnasts and coaches.

“It was a very busy season for girls gymnastics,” stated Burke. “This season we had some great accomplishments. Our freshman team went in to conference ranked 6th after showing an immense amount of commitment to growing as a team and pushing themselves to constantly improve.”

“Our JV team went into conference ranked eighth and did a great job of encouraging respect and enthusiasm during training and competition. Our varsity team went into conference ranked tenth, and the team really developed throughout the course of the season through bettering their skill difficulty and competition presence,” Burke said.

Senior Estrellita Rodriguez, who has been a part of the crew since freshman year, reflects on her final season as a part of the team. “I’ve really enjoyed gymnastics. Everyone has been a major help no matter the ups and downs,” Rodriguez said. “It was actually a good feeling because you knew that everyone on the team was there for you after and during every meet.”

Explaining what she would definitely miss the most about gymnastics, Rodriguez said, “Coach Dunne helped me get through some rough times during the season. If I fell during a meet, she was there to help me learn from the moment and inspired me to become a better gymnast.”

Not only was it a positive year for the gymnasts but the younger level coaches as well.

“Some other notable things include that our JV coach, Linda Dunne, and freshman coach, Bill Watts, were both named MSL East Coaches of the Year at their respective levels! This was great recognition for our coaching staff in one small way to acknowledge the incredible amounts of time and energy and encouragement they put into the growth and success of our gymnasts,” Burke said.

Girls gymnastics has made accomplishments individually as well as together this season in the gym and out. The combination of working day after day and the support of teammates resulted in dedicated athletes and special recognitions.