Girls basketball reflects on season, prepares for playoffs

Gaby Perez, Staff Reporter

As girls basketball comes to an end, head coach Jennifer Guth and the team reflect back on the season. Going into this season, Guth said that the tight-knit group of girls, who brought energy to every game, were working hard competing in such a tough conference.

Sophomore Holly Olson earned a spot on varsity last year and noted that the experience was “very challenging and will push [her] to get better as [she] grows.”

She is excited for next season because she believes in her team’s ability and knows that they will put forth the effort needed to improve their record. This idea is mirrored by her teammates.

The team’s biggest competition in the division is Hersey due to their very quick hands and their ability to be light on their feet. These are areas in which the girls are committed to improve.

“As a team we realized that we either dig ourselves in a hole during the beginning of the game, making it very hard to recover from, or we play really well in the first half, then come out exhausted in the second,” freshman Megan Murray said.

Although the team’s record is not where the team would like it to be, key players have noted that the group’s chemistry has improved as they play together more. The conference is extraordinarily tough and filled with talented teams.

Guth wants her team to ultimately “get into each game confident and play under control and smart.”

Although the team’s regular season is coming to an end, the team is preparing for playoffs beginning next week.