Scholastic Bowl prepares for season

Gaby Perez, Staff Reporter

Scholastic Bowl’s preseason kicked off on November 12th. The preseason gave the team the chance to compete against all District 211 and 214 schools in the MSL. This unique opportunity is a feature not offered in the regular season and showcases the progress made since last season.

Head Coach Susan Montemayor made note of this year’s returning seniors: Safia Hattab, Layan Safi, Phelma Samanasa, Raymond Solarzano and Juliana Vercillo. They admitted that the fun and competition with other schools is what ultimately made them rejoin.

With close-knit friendships already developed, the juniors and seniors on the varsity team are hoping to pick up where they left off last year and build on previous successes.

Hattab noted, “We had a crazy successful season last year, and our team gets stronger and stronger every year so I’m hoping that this year we can just win more matches than we did last year.”

Last year’s key players are seeking new talent to join and help develop the team further.

Safi stated, “I absolutely recommend more people join because it is not just an activity one puts on a resume. It is an activity that enriches the person.”

Participants gain many applicable skills throughout the course of the season. This can be attributed to the competitions forcing individuals to recall information in a pressured situation, but still forcing players to rely heavily on one another.

As the regular season approaches and the team gets their preseason experience in, new recruits are encouraged to join in on the fun.