Pregnancy amongst minors brings immense responsibility, life changes to all involved

Jade Lewis, Sectional Editor

Teen mothers and teen fathers at a young age tend to have to grow up much faster and have a lot of responsibilities.

Health teacher Daniel Klaus said “It’s a major life change if a pregnancy is planned or unplanned. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15, 20, 25 or even 30. It’s gonna be a big life change.”

Financial Aid is a major responsibility because the teen has to pay for another person. Many teen mothers don’t have jobs, but they often receive support from family, friends or gain child support from the baby’s father to pay for expenses. Some may take help from welfare services. This could include financial assistance to pay for daycare and  food stamps.

Education is another important responsibility because finishing high school and pursuing further college education allows the mother to support their child financially. Alternative education is also available as it assists the teen mother easily. Schools that have daycare and transportation also are of great use to them. Post-secondary schools also offer many classes online that allow parents to stay at home and take care of the child. This allows them to continue with their own education.

Housing is another important responsibility because some have to find a house to raise their child. Though some young mothers may stay with their parents, others might have to search for suitable housing that is convenient and affordable to meet the needs of a teen mother. Some of them who are homeless may even take refuge in homes for teen mothers.

Healthcare is another important factor because teen mothers have to make sure that the insurance for delivery and care are covered. If the baby is insured, then it will make emergencies more affordable, should a serious medical situation arise.

Access to healthcare in case of any medical emergency would be easier to obtain. Teen mothers can even opt for free healthcare from the state. This ensures that she gets what she needs throughout her pregnancy and after giving birth as well.

Teenage mothers and their responsibilities are so that, if she plans well, she can raise her baby safely in a loving and healthy environment. Food, health and shelter are some of the important elements that must be met to raise the baby happily. Apart from these, it also depends upon a teenage mom on whether she cares for the baby independently and the child’s needs must be first on the priority list.

“Taking care of a baby gives everyone a lot of responsibilities. They would now have to figure out housing, because some teens are kicked out of their homes, and then financially they have to figure out how to pay for insurance and other important materials,” Klaus said.