Uber vs. Taxi

Stephanie Tingas and Gaby Perez

Stephanie Tingas: Uber is great and really safe because when you order an Uber, you have the drivers license, plates, car make/model, name and a picture of them, so if you don’t like anything, you can request a different driver. Slowly, Uber is overtaking the taxi business.

Gaby Perez: Taxis are more reliable because to be an Uber driver, you could be anyone. They aren’t safe because I don’t know actual background history on the driver. Taxi drivers usually work for a company, and they have a badge/certificate on or in the car that verifies them being a taxi driver.

Stephanie Tingas: Uber also can be found everywhere and are faster than cabs and it’s a very easy process to order one using their app. Uber is significantly cheaper than a taxi, too. It would only be around $25 to go from EGHS to the airport.

Gaby Perez: Citizens of large cities don’t need a phone to order a taxi because you can wave them down, although sometimes you need to call an Uber beforehand. From EGHS to the airport it would cost $36, which is a good price for the distance. Plus, usually cabs to the airport tend to have a solid price that is a little bit more expensive.

Stephanie Tingas: With Uber you can choose what type of car service you’d like such as Uber pool (car pooling), Uber X (regular cars), Uber XL (6 or more seats), Uber select (luxury vehicle) and Uber black (“executive” luxury service), instead of a typical small sedan or a mini van.

Gaby Perez: Even though you can choose what car to ride in with Uber, taxis specifically are labeled on the outside with their taxi service and cab number, making it safer for the rider.