Pixar vs. Dreamworks

Nic Baggetto and Tiffany Kajiwara

Nic: Which multi-national, endless sequel churning animation conglomerate would I rather have shoved down my throat until I die (or until diminishing box office returns)? Easy! Disney! Oh. That’s not an option? Easy! Pixar! With only a few missteps, Pixar has had a much better track record than Dreamworks animation. In addition, Pixar introduced the concept of full length CGI animated films to mass audiences with their beloved classic, “Toy Story.” Name one good Dreamworks movie other than “Shrek.”

Tiffany: First of all, “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Kung Fu Panda.” Second, I will admit Pixar was impressive, but when they were bought by Disney, they sold their soul to the corporate black hole. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good Disney movie as much as the next teenager with a crippling fear of adulthood, but they are trying to get as close to a monopoly as is legally possible. Dreamworks values quirkiness and creativity above all else, and they’ve stuck to their values through the years.

Nic: Pixar has always been commended for the emotion their films evoke from audiences. This is because Pixar truly understands people and always breathes humanity into their characters. Whether it be a monster, a fish, a toy, or an emotion itself, Pixar characters are relatable to audiences in a more sophisticated way than Dreamworks animation can muster. Seriously. Count the number of fart jokes in “Shrek.”

Tiffany: Pixar characters are relatable to one type of person: the guy on top. Joy, Woody, Lightning McQueen and so many other Pixar movies are about the people you expect to succeed becoming less of a jerk. Dreamworks is all about the underdog, which is much more relatable. It feeds dreams and ambition, which is what kids movies should do. Also, if you’re looking for sophistication, go watch Shawshank Redemption. Why are you watching kid’s movies?