Math team knocks down competitors

Jade Lewis, Sectional Editor

Math team got 1st place at their very first meet. The meet was held in Larkin, IL. They beat Ida Crown, Romeoville, and West Chicago high schools.

Math teacher Dave Johnson said to prepare for this, “we met every week. I mean every week. We got prepared for the topics.” The freshmen studied ratios, proportions and percentages. The sophomores studied coordinate geometry. The juniors did algebraic coordinate geometry. Johnson said, “I’m very proud of these kids. It was during homecoming week and they still showed up and still got first place.”

Junior Omar Roman said, “We never thought our school would win first because we usually end up below first in competitions.”

They have also won the candy bar competition. The whole team participates to win candy bars against the other schools at the meet. Usually answer a group of questions ranging in topics. They answer without their coach’s help, but they’re able to use the internet and other sources.