Winter vs. Summer Olympics

Danny Kummer and Jade Lewis

Danny: The Summer Olympics may have more overall viewers, more common events, and even better looking athletes, but the Winter Olympics has two major advantages over that of the Summer Olympics: extremity and types of events. Not to mention, the amount of events in the Winter Olympics is much smaller than in the Summer Olympics. Sports should be simple. No viewer should have go through so many categories in the Summer Olympics.

Jade: The Winter Olympics are not as popular as Summer Olympics for a reason. Not many people know the sports in Winter Olympics. That’s probably why no one watches it. Sure, Summer Olympics events are not extreme, but they’re fun. More people would rather watch a sport that they know then watch a sport that they have no clue what’s going on. Most people have no idea who plays in Winter Olympics than Shaun White.

Danny: The Winter Olympics are much more entertaining because there’s more action. For example, at the last Winter Olympics, Shaun White referred to the mountain as too scary. No one has ever heard of that happening in the Summer Olympics because i’s just not as extreme. When was the last time anyone heard of an athlete in the Summer Olympics say the course was too scary?

Jade: Not everyone watches every single event in the Summer Olympics. The more options the more interesting it becomes. For Winter Olympics the events are so boring. Who wants to see someone slide down ice? I can just look outside my window and see people slide all the time.