Spanish Club kicks off new year

Sam Uhlarik, Staff Reporter

Spanish Club is back in full swing this year. Sponsor Leslie Guimon is making a point to have everyone come who can, saying “Even if you just want make some friends, please join.” All students, regardless of grade level, are welcome to join. Like other years, the club always has snacks, music, and planning for upcoming events and activities.

Currently, Spanish Club is devoting most of its energy to Homecoming. Every year, the club has its own booth. Usually, the booth sells snacks, like Takis and Jarritos and has games, such as Pin the Tale on the Burro (Donkey) and soccer. This year, Spanish Club is deciding on new ideas for the booth.

Because much English is spoken, students don’t have to be able to speak Spanish or even be enrolled in a Spanish class to fully participate in the club. It’s already rolling, every other Thursday, right after school in Room 231. If interested in joining, students can contact the sponsors, Pamela Coté or Guimon.