Cricket team gives their all

Brad Hubly, Staff Reporter

The boys cricket team have earned a record of 3-2-1, with a win over Rolling Meadows and two solid wins over Lake Park. The two losses came from Niles North and Fremd, and their one tie was with Rolling Meadows.

According to Head Coach Robert Ray his team is very strong at their “bowling”, which is like pitching in baseball, and the thing they need to work on is their fielding. This year’s team is headed by freshman

Nishant Patel, who even as a freshman has already made a good name for himself. Other leaders also on the team are Raj Patel, a junior, Karan Patel, or KP, who is a senior and Jaynik Patel, a junior. These are the four players who have led the way in the early part of the season and look to keep it up in the future.

Coach Ray said, “With the program selling itself, the guys need to be more humble and understand that they cannot just expect the games to be easy wins. They still need to go out and work for their wins.”