Smash Club smashes in for lots of fun

Nic Baggetto, Copy Editor

A favorite pastime of teenagers across the nation is the world of multiplayer and online gaming, and now that pastime has come to EG.

On April 15, the first meeting of the new videogame club, deemed “Smash Club” after the game “Super Smash Bros.,” was held for a turnout of nearly 50 students.

Club sponsor and math teacher David Dompke happily agreed to be a part of the club when one of his students, sophomore Daeveion Rivera, approached him with the idea.

“He knew that I was a fan of video games and just wanted an opportunity for guys to play against each other, and that was right up my alley so, that’s the reason why we started it,” Dompke said.

The club, which meets on a biweekly basis, essentially consists of students taking turns playing video games on consoles. During the first meeting, the only option was “Super Smash Bros.” on the Wii U because it supports up to eight players, but Dompke and several of the students are hopeful that

there will be a larger range of games and consoles in the future.

With such a large number of students showing up, a bit of a problem was posed when only a few could play, and the rest had to watch.

“I did straight up trash, but playing “Smash” was the best part,” freshman Matt Shau said. “I think if we could get another room since we have so many people showing up or if we could get more consoles, that would be great.”

That’s exactly what happened for the club’s second meeting. They moved from room 107 to room 103 which contains two TVs and a projector. Students are also encouraged to bring handheld devices like Nintendo 3DS to play while they’re waiting if they don’t want to watch the main game.

“I saw a lot of people that weren’t there the first time saying they were hoping to make it because they had other practices, but they’re hoping to make it to the next one,” Dompke said. “The students that were there said they had a really good time. It’s just nice to play other people who have the same passion that you do about video games.”