Texting vs. Calling

Tiffany: As technology changes and develops, new ways of communication are emerging. Some people want to move forward with progress, and other people become stuck in their primitive ways. There is no better example than the advocates for calling and the texting enthusiasts. Texting is the epitome of modern communication while phone calls have been left in the dust with dinosaurs and Motorola Razrs.

Evan: I beg to differ. Phone calls are still as prominent as ever – they have a human touch that texting doesn’t really have. It’s even more true now that we have FaceTime and the like. Fifty years ago, the belief was that the future of communication was the videophone. Guess what? The future is here, and it’s intent on sticking around.

Tiffany: Additionally, texting allows people to think through their responses before actually responding. How many times have you said something awkward because you couldn’t think of the perfect wording beforehand? I do it all the time. I’m stuck looking like an idiot while I try and select the perfect wording to get my point across. Texting gives me enough time to organize my thoughts and say what I need to say. When in the middle of a phone call with someone, you don’t have enough time to write an eloquent speech. You can sound much smarter in texts.

Evan: All of the time you take to think your words out can slow down the conversation significantly, though. A twenty minute conversation through texts can be done painlessly in 5 minutes or less with a phone call. If you’re talking to one of your friends, are they really going to care if you end up rambling like an idiot? Worse things have happened. Life will go on.