Baseball is back in Chicago

Sean Cherry, Staff Reporter

Major league baseball began the new season on April 3. If the winter eradicated your memory of last year, here is a recap: the Mets beat out the Cubs to make a trip to the World Series. The Royals beat out the Blue Jays in six games and played the Mets in the World Series. In the World Series the Blue Jays beat out the Mets in just five games and won their first World Series since 1985.

In the offseason there were some moves: Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist made their way to the Cubs. David Price left Toronto for Boston and ace Zack Greinke went to the D-Backs. Daniel Murphy made his way to D.C. after leaving New York. Last year, the Chicago Cubs went 97-65 placed third in the NL Central.

They made one of their deepest runs in the playoffs, making it all the way to the National League championship against the New York Mets.

They got swept in four games, but the future looks promising for the young club. In the offseason they learned that manager Joe Maddon won Manager of the Year, Kris Bryant won Rookie of the Year and Jake Arrieta won the Cy Young award.

The Cubs made a few moves in the offseason that put a smile on most of their fans. They got outfielder Heyward and pitcher John Lackey from the St. Louis Cardinals to play for their archrival.

The Cubs also signed infielder/outfielder Zobrist from the Kansas City Royals. They also made a solid signing with keeping center fielder Dexter Fowler. So if you ask any Cubs fan right now they will tell you four simple words: “This is the year.”

Regarding manager of the year, freshmen James Karvas said, “I really wonder what goes on in Joe Maddon’s head? The man is a genius and I love his memo for this season, ‘Try not to Suck’.”

The Cubs have always enjoyed strong fan support. “I don’t play the game of baseball anymore, but I really love watching it and the Cubs. What Theo Epstein has down to this organization is just beyond amazing. Can’t wait to watch what will unfold this upcoming season,” said freshman Blake Berthold.

On the other side of town are the White Sox. Last year, they came in fourth place with a record of, 76-86, not making the playoffs. Some key players did look good: pitcher Chris Sale, first baseman Jose Abreu and outfielder Adam Eaton.

In the offseason the Sox made a few trades and signings.

They traded for third baseman Todd Frazier from the Cincinnati Reds, also picking up infielder Brett Lawrie from the Oakland A’s.

They got some veterans too with the acquisitions of infielder Jimmy Rollins and catcher Alex Avila.

The season is looking very hopeful for the south siders, but in a tough division with the defending champs, Kansas City Royals, it will be a difficult time winning the division.

The fans of Sale have always spoken strongly of him. “If I could have Chris Sale pitch on the mound every day that would be great, but we can’t. So what we’re gonna have to do is bring a lot more runs. That is what Todd Frazier and Brett Lawrie will do for us this year,” said freshman Vincent Faciano.

Hopes of winning a World Series is still very alive for Sox fans. “I’ve been a long time Sox fan and I barely remember them winning the World Series in 2005, so it would be nice to see one this year or in the future, but my expectations are pretty solid for them this year. I’m guessing maybe a 85-90 win team with the possibility of a wild card spot in the playoffs,” said freshman Nick Hofmann.