‘Emily Wants To Play’ instills terror through maximum suspense

Jade Lewis, Staff Reporter

“Emily Wants to Play” is a horror game that makes the player think a lot and is very suspenseful. It’s very different than any other video game. It was released on Steam on December 10, 2015.

This game is more of a “save your life and finish” type game. There are 6 hours (12 a.m.-6 a.m.), and all of them are different. During the first two hours (12 a.m.-1 a.m.), the first doll is out. Her name is Kiki, and the only way the player knows that she is there is when the player hears a little girl’s laugh. All the player has to do is look at her until she disappears, or else she’ll jump out.

At 2 a.m. the clown enters. So now the player has Kiki the doll and the clown. For the clown, all the player has to do is stay still until he leaves. The player does not need to make eye contact with him. The player can tell he’s there because he starts to talk.

Three a.m. adds another doll. His name is Chester. He looks like a ventriloquist doll. Chester has a unique way to sneak up. His rules are almost the same as red light, green light. When the player hears a little guy running and screaming that is the player’s cue to run, and to try not to get trapped.

Four a.m. comes around; now the game has completely changed. Emily is now out. A 70 second timer comes up at the bottom of the screen. The player has 70 seconds to find her, and every time the player does it adds 70 more seconds. When the player runs out of time, she will come out and kill the player.

Now, 5 a.m. is chaos. All the dolls are out. The player has to obey the dolls’ rules, and also find Emily. The 70 second timer is still on. When there are five minutes left until 6 a.m., it is time to head to the door and leave before Emily gets the player.

The story is this: Emily is a girl that had trouble in school. She got kicked out of school three times. Her parents took her out of it because they thought it was the best idea.

One day, Emily’s parents saw that she was acting weird. She was talking to dolls, but they thought it was normal. She was also watching them sleep. Her parents thought it would be a better decision if they moved her into the basement because of her actions. One afternoon, Emily’s mother went to go give her food and found Emily dead. Days went on and the mother saw that Emily’s dolls were all around the house in different places, and she didn’t know why.