Businesses, various corporations have April Fools fun in years past

Megan Casey, Editor-in-Chief

April Fools Day has become a popular day for businesses and corporations to have a laugh by creating fake services and products for the public. Below are the top five April Fools pranks, in my opinion, pulled by businesses and corporations in 2015 and 2016.

Pranks of 2015:

1. Netflix created 13 different Public Service Announcements that warned users against the dangers of binge watching. This urged subscribers to go outside, call their mothers and even shower. The PSAs were triggered if more than two episodes of a show were played consecutively.

2. Announced to be in beta testing last year, Honda’s HR-V SLF was the first automobile to have ten built in selfie cameras both throughout the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The technology even enabled drivers to be able to upload the photos immediately from their vehicle.

3. Last year, Groupon released its newest app, the Grouber, which was a transportation service that let users order cars driven by cats. The app used GPS- guided red lasers to direct the cats from their pickup to their final destination. The cat drivers accepted catnip tips which could be calculated on the app.

4. Google launched a new version of its search engine changed to This website displayed the Google logo backwards as well as all other content that was searched using this search engine.

5. In case you were bored using Siri as a search resource, Google released The Google Panda. The Google Panda was an adorable and lovable search resource built with conversational as well as emotional artificial intelligence and was said to be able to answer any question within a second.

Pranks of 2016:

1. This year, T-Mobile designed a hands free device they called “Binge on Up” which basically enabled users to watch their favorite shows to their hearts content while still being able to do basic everyday tasks such as brushing one’s teeth or hair. Users could attach their mobile device to the headset and watch their Netflix shows in an efficient way.

2. National Geographic revealed that the magazine will no longer publish photographs of nude animals due to how inappropriate it is to have nudity in their magazine. Instead, they have decided that all animals shall be fully clothed before being photographed.

3. On Friday, it was announced via Brokelyn (a web-magazine that publishes content about events happening in Brooklyn) that the new musical “Hamilton” was having a free performance in Prospect Park over the summer. It was said that there were over 7,000 tickets available on a first-come, first-serve basis. People could request tickets simply by calling a number provided by the publication. The phone number, however, belonged to none other than Donald Trump.

4. The clothing brand H&M revealed their new and exclusive clothing line which will sell outfits so people can dress up as Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. The clothing line collection features seven grey t-shirts and a single pair of jeans.

5. For those who are planning on moving to Canada the minute Trump is sworn into office, Esurance is offering what they are calling “election insurance.” This policy will protect the abandoned homes of those planning to move away during Trump’s term or terms. The many different packages that Esurance is offering for this include weekly home maintenance, holiday decorations and even simulated teenage break-ups to keep the illusion of an occupied household.