Pranks gone wrong

Sean Cherry, Staff Reporter

Everybody likes a good April Fools joke, but sometimes people just go way too far. Some find it funny when a teacher sits on a whoopee cushion, a fake spider in cereal, getting shocked when shaking someone’s hands. Some people have masterminded plans.

At the University of Michigan there was a prank involving fireworks in the apartments and the fireworks actually set the hamper on fire and burned the apartment. Oakland Raiders linebacker Bruce Irvin also tweeted jokingly about getting a DUI when he never did. Same with a TV show on ABC called “Happy Endings” that joked about the cancellation of their show. After this act fans were outraged because they really thought there show was being canceled. A radio show host in Florida said there were some toxic substances nearby that could kill everyone. Well. 25 people called 911 saying there was a “terrorist attack.”

Everyone has seen some weird things in their lives, but on April Fools a barber in Ohio came to work just in a bow tie and pants. The police actually gave him a ticket because he was causing so much traffic. Sometimes people go way too far for just a prank. A clerk at a clothing store called her boss in a panic saying there was a man robbing the store with a gun, but before she could call back the boss called the police, and there were four squad cars at the store in seconds.

If anybody thought April Fools was just recently started, they were wrong. In 1915 in a saloon, a man was going to prank his friend with a fake gun because the gun sounded real yet never shot bullets. It did not end well because another man replaced the fake gun with a loaded one. He grabbed it and took a shot, thinking it was the fake gun and killed his friend right on the spot. Before everybody tries for a good laugh this month, they should remember not to go so far with a prank. Just stick with a fake spider and whoopee cushion.