Students share various opinions on April Fools

Jade Lewis, Staff Reporter

April Fools is a day where people have no trust in everyone.

Sophomore Elise Stornello said “I hate April Fools Day because when I was little my friends use to play pranks on me.”

Stornello said, “My friends thought it would be fun to ignore me for the whole day, and I thought it was really stupid.”

April Fools pranks can get out of hand. When people prank others, they think it’s gonna be okay and funny. They don’t realize what other people would think.

Sophomore Gillian Guerra said, “April Fools day is just a normal day for me. It doesn’t bother me.”

Guerra said, “I don’t let April Fools day get to me because there [are] more important things to focus on.”

Sophomore Emma Soutor said, “I like April Fools day. It’s supposed to be a fun and enjoyable day. I’m not much a ‘prankster’ but people get really creative.”