Marvel V DC

Liam McCarthy and Trenton Holmquist

Liam: Marvel has always been the better comic service. Everything about them is better: movies, comics, story lines, etc. Just take a look at the characters of DC. A lot of Marvel and DC characters may be similar, but Marvel does a much better job of making them come to life. Not only does the story line make nerds uncomfortable, but the acting really gives you a feel for them.

Trenton: The feud between Marvel and DC has been one for the ages and continues to be the topic of many discussions. Sure, comics have evolved throughout the years; characters change, new stories develop, but the one constant is that DC always comes out on top. DC’s A-List roster features many variations of heroes. From Batman, The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman and many others, DC icons prove to be much more satisfying than Marvel heroes, such as Iron Man or Captain America, who aren’t as entertaining.

Liam: If we are going to talk about movies, let us just point out Man of Steel to everyone. One kind of cool thing about DC, however, is the number of television shows they have. It would be cooler, though, if they were actually entertaining. Every single one of their obnoxious TV shows ends up having the same plot: tell a little back story, introduce a villain, fight the villain, win. It’s so sloppy.

Trenton: My dramatic friend may find DC’s television shows to be “obnoxious,” but what’s even more obnoxious is that half of Marvel’s heroes are carbon copies of pre-existing DC characters. Let’s name a few of these look-alikes: Deadpool is derived from Deathstroke, Quicksilver is the doppelgänger of The Flash, and then there’s Black Panther or the bargain brand Batman. Marvel doesn’t even try their hardest to hide the fact that these characters they’ve “created” are rip offs.