McDonald’s V Burger King

Danny Kummer and Tiffany Kajiwara

Danny: McDonald’s is a hometown classic of Des Plaines — one that many kids of multiple generations have enjoyed for almost 60 years. However, with almost any big corporation, there will always be at least one leech on its belly. This is where Burger King came into the picture. Burger King has always tried to accomplish what McDonald’s has had for years, but they have never been able to.

Tiffany: Burger King has long been overshadowed by the disrespectful narcissist that is McDonald’s. Their greatness has been diminished by the self promotion and arrogance of a corporate giant. Burger King has innovated upon an American classic and made it new again, easily surpassing the unremarkable food at McDonald’s.

Danny: Not to mention, Burger King had a commercial advertising their new breakfast options. In this very commercial they had their mascot, the Burger King, breaking into the “McDonald’s HQ” to steal the Egg McMuffin recipe. The announcer in this commercial blatantly states that it isn’t very original, but they have it at Burger King now. The Burger King executives are blatantly aware that they are only stealing from McDonald’s original recipe, and are only trying to promote themselves with it. Burger King is only a sad copy of McDonald’s, and with the way it has been going, that is all it will ever be.

Tiffany: I beg to differ, Danny. Burger King’s commercial admitting they are adapting McDonalds’ idea only proves they are able to laugh at themselves and confident enough to take a risk. McDonald’s on the other hand never takes any risks. They have burgers and chicken nuggets. Burger King is more adventurous with veggie burgers and chicken fries. Burger King is willing to step out of its comfort zone and do something new. What was the last big thing McDonald’s did? All-day breakfast. They modified something they’re already doing. Burger King is the superior food chain.