Sheldon V Sherlock

Nic Baggetto and Rebecca Skiple

Nic: Who’s the best brainiac on TV? Duh, it’s “The Big Bang Theory’s” Sheldon Cooper! He’s far more interesting and hilariously entertaining than his British counterpart, not to mention the fact that he has a PhD. Sherlock Holmes, while equally eccentric, doesn’t have the charm that makes Sheldon lovable. Both of them can sometimes come off as arrogant and annoying, but Sheldon has a moral center that brings him back to his friends.

Rebecca: I have to disagree with you, Nic. Does Sheldon Cooper have fan clubs all over the world? I don’t think so. These people live to read about Sherlock and his crime solving. Sheldon may have his web show “Fun With Flags,” but Sherlock has a blog written by his partner that reaches thousands of viewers every day, including the Queen!

Nic: Sure, but Sheldon’s greatest character strength is his ability to problem solve without the help of others. Sherlock is constantly making John Watson assist him. Yeah, maybe Sheldon needs a ride to the dentist every now and then from Leonard, but at least he’s self sufficient. If the question was who could solve a murder first, the answer would of course be Sherlock, but it’s not. The question is “who is the better character?” Sherlock often comes across as crazy and off-putting, and we all know Sheldon isn’t crazy! His mother had him tested!

Rebecca: Sherlock is quirky, smart, musically talented, and brave. On the other hand, Sheldon is annoying, OCD, and self absorbed. “The Big Bang Theory” struggles to grasp viewer’s attention due to most of the jokes being targeted to the nerdy or science-loving population. On the other hand “Sherlock” is quick moving, easy for people to understand and allows audiences to think. I’d feel safe in Sherlock’s hands, not Sheldon Cooper’s because in the end Sherlock Holmes will always be around to entertain audiences for years to come.