Editorial Board chooses poems for EG Magazine

Liam McCarthy, Staff Reporter

The EG Magazine will be published around graduation time this year, and there has not been more than enough great material. The teachers that all made this possible are: Mary Larson, John Bottiglieri, Dawn Ferencz, and Wendy Relich. Not only did teachers help, but students as well. The students that helped are: Seniors Sean Lehnning, Justine Tran, and Kristen Fidler, and Sophomore Tiffany Kajiwara.

The magazine is the creative writing/literature and artwork of students this year. Produced one a year, the book usually has 25-30 literature pieces, and the same with artwork.

The people who are featured in the magazine are freshmen: Stevie Burton – “You Can’t Write a Poem About Writing a Poem”, Eden Gorevoy – “From the Heart”, Diana Guerneros – “Sadness”, Rachel Kandefer – “The Voices”, Jashley Lopez – “Fallen Headphones”, Hazel Mangurali – “Stone Cold”, Alexia Ramos – “What Does a Celebrity Eat for Breakfast”, Brian Rosca – “The Virtuoso”, Hailey Ruppert – “Bold”, Ella Bondar – “Very Good isn’t Good Enough”, Brandi Middendorp – “Failure”, Holly Olson – “Afraid/A Winter Drive”, Emma Saluski – “Fear”, Anna Slezak – “Trust”, Anna Sprenger – “It Might Have Been Otherwise”, Julia Ward – “Insecure”, and Raechel Zoellick – “Love”. Sophomores: Tiffany Kajiwara – “From Shores to Shards”. Juniors: Safia Hattab – “Every time an Artist Dies God Lets Them Paint the Sky/Paths”, and Tiffany Waldrom – “Serenity”. Seniors: Inga Augustaitis – “12:54”, Jimi D’Angelo – “Connected”, Cassandra Flick – “The First Time I Saw a City”, Maria Hernandez – “you”, Kathryn Riopel – “Rock”, Sean Lehning – “Reflections Ekphrasis”.

This Monday, a celebration meeting will be held for all those people who had their works selected. Anyone regardless of wether they contributed to the magazine is welcome to attend.