Quill and Scroll inducts new journalism students

Sean Cherry, Staff Reporter

Ten students from the journalism program at Elk Grove have been selected for Quill and Scroll.

The Quill and Scroll is a international high school journalism honor society that recognizes individual students and school papers. Over 14 thousand students are in Quill and Scroll includes over the entire U.S. and 44 other countries. This organization was founded in 1926 and is based at the University of Iowa. There are five requirements: be a junior, senior, or a second semester sophomore. Next they must be in the top third of their class in scholastic standings, must be staffers of magazine, newspaper, yearbook, have to be recommended by their supervisor, and lastly have to be approved by the society executive director. Students who will be inducted are senior Evan Hatfield, senior Megan Casey, sophomore Nic Baggetto, sophomore Tiffany Kajiwara, sophomore Daniel Kummer, sophomore Trenton Holmquist, junior Dino Frentzas, senior Brad Hubly, sophomore Jade Lewis, and junior Jack Stornello

“It’s really exciting to inducted into this amazing organization especially with all the people that I’ve been working with this year. It’s really cool also that I’m going to inducted with all these students around the world,” Hubly said.

“Personally I feel really excited and honored that I am being part of this incredible organization. It makes me feel proud, my peers proud and that I have really grown as a writer,” Holmquist said.

“It’s nice to be recognized for all the stories I’ve written and papers I’ve helped out with. I really think I have grown as a journalistic writer, and I have learned a lot over the years,” Baggetto said.