Computer Science introduces brand new course

Dino Frentzas, Staff Reporter

The Computer Science department will be introducing a new course to Elk Grove which gives more options for students pursuing a computer science career.

AP Computer Science Principles will be accessible to students starting next year. The course consists of: Creativity, which is interesting and relevant artifacts with characteristics enhanced by computing; Abstraction, which is a strategy that focuses on relevant concepts to understanding and solving problems and Data and Information, which is helping students understand in many ways how data is transferred into information and knowledge. The class will also focus on mobile app computing and Android app development through utilizing Java as a programming language.

IOS Mobile Apps is the introductory course to computer science. The class is focused on making mobile apps for the Apple system. The class is primarily about logic and problem solving.

AP Computer Science A is essentially the next course students take after IOS Mobile Apps. The class is a heavy programming and problem solving course. Students are taught how to code Java, which is the primary component of the class curriculum. The class is mainly for those who are interested in majoring in computer science.

Also, since the class is an AP course, students have plenty of material to study to be successful for the exam. The course offers an online resource called Edhesive. Edhesive offers video lessons, powerpoints, activity questions, exams, quizzes and many more educational resources. There are eight units on the online course for Edhesive.

Additionally, students have access to an online Question and Answer forum called Piazza. Piazza is essentially for students to ask questions about Java. Ph.D. students monitor the website and give students feedback, which is a great source of information. Piazza offers multiple ways of learning the material from short video lectures and discussions about problems to certain software solutions.

Freshman Thomas Brautigam thinks that Computer Science A teaches people to think very differently and logically. Brautigam learned how to code Swift and Java languages. “This course teaches you efficiency how to solve things the best way possible,” said Brautigam.

AP Computer Science A teacher, Kristen Fisher said “the class offers multiple ways for students to learn their curriculum.” Fisher also gives her own lessons in class, in addition to the Edhesive and Piazza online courses which give students many resources to be successful.

Fisher said “Every student could benefit from taking a computer science course.” Fisher’s goal is to have all students enrolled in one of these three courses. Fisher truly believes learning programming teaches people to break down a big problem through problem solving. These courses offer many skills that other classes do not offer. These skills consist of problem solving, working together, cooperation and hands on learning. These courses provide an opportunity to help students develop these skills.