Boys basketball makes its way to regionals

They bring home awards as coach, players shine

Liam McCarthy, Sectional Editor

Swish! The Boys Basketball team at Elk Grove has done an outstanding job this season, making it all the way to conference victories, and heading to regionals.

“I was really proud of the guys. We’ve been second to last for the last three years, and to turn the corner, we were really excited about the accomplishment,” Coach Anthony Furman said.

The team has won multiple MSL awards. One of them being for Furman’s coach of the year. Furman could not have been prouder. He has given a lot of time and could not be happier about his team. “I was very pleased. It was a proud moment for me,” Furman said.

Another MSL award given was to competitor Senior Joey Gatziolis for player of the year. Gatziolis has done an incredible job this year, coming from his coach and teammates. It was a dream come true for the senior.

“It was awesome. Ever since I even knew it was an award I wanted to get it,” Gatziolis said.

The boys have a great relationship and have “grown up together,” senior Brad Hubly said. The players have a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. They seem to enjoy it very much.

“There are a lot of funny moments that you are allowed to embrace while you are there,” Gatziolis said.

The team is expecting success for future players that plan on participating. “Each year, each team has it’s own identity. The guys need [to know how to succeed and] invest their time [into basketball] on the off season,” Furman said.

“[This team] is more than just about basketball,” Furman said.