DC shows are becoming fan favorites

Trenton Holmquist, Sectional Editor

Time travel is the subject of many sci-fi movies, television shows and novels. Quite obviously, time travel doesn’t really exist.

It’s only a fantasy for the most imaginative little kids and the geekiest of geeks… But what if it wasn’t just a fantasy? What if it was actually possible to send a man thousands of years into the future or teleport a woman back to ancient Egypt?

Better yet, what if that man and that woman were part of a team of superheroes, traveling throughout time in an attempt to take down an immortal man and save the world from his oppression? Well that’s the concept of The CW network’s new hit series “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.”

When the show “Arrow” made its debut, it was a revelation for DC fans everywhere. While “Arrow” was sitting at the top of the mountain, it dropped a tiny pebble and that pebble would become the start of an avalanche. From the rockslide came many new fan favorite TV shows such as “The Flash,” “Gotham,” and “Supergirl.”

As individual shows, the DC television universe introduces a new element into each series so that it has its own uniqueness. Although fans got a little sneak peak at time travel in season one of “The Flash,” Legends of Tomorrow is going to be the real deal in the DC multiverse.

Taking both heroes and villains alike from “Arrow” and “The Flash,” “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” truly creates a hero’s journey using notable characters from the heroes side like The Atom, Firestorm and Hawkgirl and notorious criminals such as Captain Cold and Heatwave.

More than halfway through its first season, “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” has more than acquainted audiences with the big bad this year. The main antagonist is quite possibly one of the most interesting and infamous comic book characters of all time Vandal Savage.

On the show, Savage was once a holy priest in ancient Egypt who was destined to live forever and to conquer the world in the year of 2166. Bringing such characters to life is an extremely difficult task and yet Legends of Tomorrow has portrayed him near perfectly, even down to the greasy hair, scraggly beard and creepy trench coat.

Now as far as the main characters go, there isn’t much to say because all of them have been seen before.

Each actor, such as Brandon Routh and Wentworth Miller, or actress, like Caity Lotz, has been seen at one point or another on either “Arrow” or “The Flash.” All that can be said is that they do their part and continue to play their roles as if they had created their characters themselves.

Surely DC has had to keep up with all their new shows financially. Given those circumstances, the special effects are well done and serve their purpose.

The effects team does a great job at not using effects up too close or for a longer period of time than needed, which creates a more dramatic flare in the occasions where large quantities of CGI are allowed.

This is even more impressive when the whole series is based around futuristic technology and is comprised almost entirely of science.

As of now it is hard to see anything wrong with DC’s newest hit. It’s great to finally have a team of comic book icons working together on a road trip throughout time. “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” has set the bar. Hopefully other DC shows can keep up.