Starbucks V Dunkin Donuts

Liam McCarthy and Jade Lewis

Liam: The Starbucks corporation has grown massively throughout the years due to “white girls needing their daily fix of a frappuccino,” but honestly, who can blame them?

Starbucks was founded in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin in Seattle, Washington. Now, Starbucks has over 23,000 store all around the world compared to Dunkin Donuts with only 11,000.

Jade: I prefer Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks because I don’t really like the “different” flavors of coffee. I just like to keep it simple with cream and sugar. I don’t understand all these weird names at Starbucks. Tall??? Grande??? Venti??? It’s kind of a mouth full when saying “Venti coffee with cream and sugar.” At Dunkin Donuts I can say “Large cream and sugar.”

Liam: People say that ordering at Starbucks can be annoying by having to say all these things, but that’s the point of it. Starbucks is supposed to have all different types of flavors and necessities to always keep it new and fresh. They’re better than Dunkin where all I can basically get is a normal, boring coffee.

Jade: Starbucks is also expensive. One “venti” coffee is over five dollars. But at Dunkin Donuts you can get a one extra large coffee (which is two times bigger than the “venti” at Starbucks) for just two dollars. That’s a three dollar difference.

Liam: Starbucks may be a five to ten minute wait, but oh, my is it worth it. I also have to say that usually, if something is more expensive, it indicates that it is better.

Jade: At Dunkin Donuts I would wait for less than two minutes for my coffee. At Starbucks I have to wait about eight minutes because they have to be all fancy with their coffee, and they have this weird machine which I believe warms the coffee up. But at Dunkin, they just put cream and sugar in and pour the coffee.