Batman V Superman

Nic Baggetto and Liam McCarthy

Nic: Before they battle on the big screen, let’s get one thing clear: Batman is better than Superman. Okay, he may not be an indestructible, perfect alien from outer-space, but he is a far more interesting character. What makes Batman special is his weakness. He’s relatable to readers/viewers in that they can actually see themselves in the cowl. Fans can’t relate to Superman as well. Why do you think it’s been so hard to portray Superman well in film?

Liam: I am sorry, Nic, but who is the leader of the Justice League? Batman? No. Superman. And there is a reason for that: Superman is better! Batman does not even have super powers. He is not a superhero, let alone a hero in general.

Nic: I’d have to disagree with that. Batman as a character isn’t only better, his entire world is better too. Gotham City is grittier and darker than Metropolis, making it visually more appealing for comics and other media. The villains of Batman’s world are more outlandishly entertaining as well and, for the most part, have been portrayed better in Batman’s cinematic ventures.

Liam: Batman’s world is better? Superman is not even from this world. He’s from a whole other dimension. Batman’s villains may be cool, but Superman’s enemies are way more challenging. Three Batman villains put up the same fight as one Superman villain. If Batman even tried to confront Sups, he would get his ass beaten.

Nic: While Batman’s weakness is his dark internal conflict, Superman’s weakness is a green rock. Really? Batman could easily hide Kryptonite among the endless supplies in his utility belt and take Superman down. Batman decimates Superman on every level from backstory to fighting style. Batman is the true hero of the DC universe.

Liam: Superman could easily use his heat vision to blast Batman before he could even reach for the kryptonite, but that is not the point. The point is Superman is better than Batman. He has always been such a more awesome and interesting character.