Spanish club helps people

Sarah Zych, Staff Reporter

Elk Grove’s Spanish Club participates in a great variety of activities that are sponsored by Pam Cote and Leslie Guimon.

According to Cote, “the goal is to inform students about culture and tradition in the Latin countries.”

Spanish Club helps the community and makes the community aware of the high school and the clubs that are here.

Spanish Club is going to a nursing home next month, and they are planning on doing crafts with them and teaching the residents how to salsa dance.

Members also like to play games, which helps them learn about the music, art, dance, food and the culture in general.

They participate in cooking classes and make authentic dishes, such as salsa and guacamole.

Cote believes that “if anybody is interested in the culture and in the language, they should join.”

Not only does Spanish Club impact the students of Elk Grove, but they also participate in fundraising around the community. A tradition of theirs is to go to downtown Des Plaines and decorate the Christmas tree. Spanish Club will continue to study the culture and inform others about why it’s so important to them.