Italian exchange kicks off

Mallory Hornsberger, Staff Reporter

It’s been a long wait for them, but this spring break, the students participating in the Italian Exchange will head to Italy.

Senior Kylie Ostling is more excited than ever. “I’ve always wanted to go there and now I get to travel overseas with some of my best friends,” said Ostling.

After her twin Gaia spent time with Ostling and her family, Ostling is looking forward to meeting all of Gaia’s family.

Senior Maddie Pignato says she is “excited about being with my twin again.”

Although the students still communicate with their twins over text, they are all excited to be with them again in a new environment.

Seniors Brian Portillo and Gino Piscopo are looking forward to the food.

The overall exchange experience so far has made the students even more excited to go to Italy in March.