Denver defies odds with Super Bowl win

Dino Frentzas, Staff Reporter

Super Bowl 50 was filled with a few notable commercials, an entertaining half time performance, and an upset by the Denver Broncos, 24-10.

The Denver defense showed up for the game. The defense forced Cam Newton to throw the ball under pressure, causing the Carolina Panthers’ offense to struggle the entire game.

Cam Newton did not look like a MVP caliber player for the game. Newton’s QBR (Quarterback Rating) was 16.9. Newton threw an interception and was sacked six times. The Denver defense did not let Newton throw the football in the pocket comfortably. Newton was forced to drop back and throw the football. Running was not an option as he encountered outside linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller.

A memorable part of the game occurred with four minutes left and the Panthers down 16-10. Miller strip sacked Newton to force a fumble that Newton did not fight for.

Miller had a remarkable performance with six total tackles, one pass deflection, and two quarterback hits. Miller won a well-deserved Super Bowl MVP. The Denver defense won the game, not Peyton Manning.

After being 17-1 prior to the Super Bowl, Newton’s postgame press conference was more disappointing than his performance. Newton did not answer reporters’ questions in a professional manner and left in the middle. As the leader of the team, Newton should have manned up and admitted the team’s failure. If Newton could dab and dance when he was winning, he should face the consequences with the media after a tough loss.

The halftime performance fulfilled all expectations. Coldplay started off the show with the song “Viva La Vida”, then “Paradise” followed by “Adventure of a Lifetime”. Bruno Mars joined the show performing “Uptown Funk!” Beyoncé afterwards performed hew new song “Formation.” Coldplay joined in again wrapping up the show with “Clocks” and “Up & Up.”

Not too many commercials caught many viewers’ eyes, but there were a few entertaining ones. The Hyundai Genesis Car Finder commercial featuring Kevin Hart was quite comical. The Doritos Ultrasound Commercial was pretty interesting demonstrating the baby’s movement wherever the father moved the Dorito. The Audi R8 Chasing the Moon Commercial reminded the man driving the Audi of a spaceship. The Odell Beckham, Jr. Buick Cascada imitated Beckham’s catching capabilities by catching the flowers after a wedding.

Super Bowl 50 had a great fairy tale ending for the career of Peyton Manning, who will hopefully retire after winning the Super Bowl. Manning is an all-time great quarterback who deserved to go in the sunset with a Super Bowl trophy in his hands.