Two sides of the Presidential race

Seems as though neither Clinton nor Trump will do

Trenton Holmquist and Liam McCarthy

Could the next President of the United States be the country’s first female to hold that office? Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected to serve as the 67th U.S. secretary of state in 2009, and served until 2013. Clinton is a politician, a leader, and she’s a woman.

Clinton’s approach is that of a White knight, that knight also happens to be wearing shining armor as well. Clinton is a modern day Robin Hood, but instead of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, she innovates. Infrastructure, clean energy, scientific and medical research are all things that Clinton plans to fund in order to give the economy a quick kick in the butt and give all middle class citizens some breathing room to enjoy their lives.

As a former First Lady, Clinton is a loud voice in women’s rights issues. Clinton was one of many to speak out against the abuse of basic human rights for women everywhere. She began this long and grueling journey many years ago during a time when speaking out for woman’s rights was more exceptional. During those times, a woman speaking out was uncomfortable in the public’s eye.

I restate the fact Clinton is a woman because, well, that’s her only basis for being President. Many believe being a woman gives her the right to be President. And why? Because it would be “sexist” to think otherwise.

To her, it’s time to remake history. The last President was and still is the only African American to sit in the oval office. Why should I believe Clinton deserves the presidency? Why does she believe she deserves the presidency? Simple. The Mother of America wants to take her rightful place and turn America into a more egalitarian society.

The people’s champion act is only the smile she flashes to the camera panning by at the debates. She wants power. Running a country is like running a very, very, very complicated business. She wants to have power at her fingertips, but she has no idea how to control that type of dominance. There is only one candidate who does: her opponent, Donald Trump.

Trump is a powerful and wealthy businessman who knows how to hold his own in both business and politics. His knowledge may yet help America thrive once more.


There is a storm coming. A big, rich, blonde, truthful, racist storm. And, that storm has a name, that name is Trump. Donald Trump.

Four score and 6 months ago, Trump officially announced that he was running for President of the United States. Since then, there has been a lot of drama in politics.

Many people think that Trump is, and always has been, a better business man than a politician. They could be right. However, they are wrong.

“Make America great again!” is a popular quote Trump often uses to make a statement. The statement indicates that our country has definitely changed significantly from our past, and not for the best.

Trump wants to change, and do things for this country that people have never thought of doing before like building a wall across the border of the United States and Mexico, for example. Most people find it discriminating and just plain dumb. However, Trump does make some okay points.

Now, a lot of people refer to Trump as a racist, however, I do not believe he is. It is safe to say that some of the ways he phrases things, are simply not the greatest. But, he is just trying to grab people’s attention and bring the reality into things.

Trump does not hate the Mexican people, he is just trying to prevent America from having an overflow. He is only trying to get rid of the people who illegally crossed into our states. Not the ones who have earned it. And I think that is absurd.

America is supposed to be a place with opportunity for all people, and what Trump is trying to do is take that away from the people who need and deserve it most.

He talks about how most of the illegal Mexican people are in relatives with drug trade, and theft, and assault, and murder.

Well then, why not go after those people and not all of the race? It is preposterous.

I originally wrote this article to state how Trump would be a good president. Now, I am writing this article to state he would be a bad one. I am not Republican, nor Democrat. But, as Trump would say, “You’re fired!”