Boys basketball competes smart to succeed in games

Nic Baggetto, Copy Editor

The boys basketball team, which started back on November 9, has gotten off to a decent start at each level and has hopes and aspirations for the rest of the season.

The current standings for the team are 5-4 at the varsity level and 2-7 at the JV level.

“We’ve had some injuries early in the season, but the boys are playing very hard,” head sophomore coach Christopher Rugg said.

“I think moving forward that will serve us very well and I think we’ll be a very deep team moving toward the second half of the season.”

Practices generally are made up of a pre-practice session, warm-ups, conditioning, fast-break, free throws, defensive and offensive teaching, and special situations. The goal of the coaches is to show a variety of things on a day-to-day basis while also keeping a level of consistency.

“I have learned to play team basketball, to work for the best shot possible and most importantly I have become a better player mentally,” sophomore Joey Pignato said.

“That has helped me to achieve my number one goal: to be confident on the court.”

The EG basketball team has a history of being extremely competitive in MSL type tournaments, while generally ranking and playing better during the actual season than they are intially believed to be capable of playing

Rugg hopes that with vocal leadership from upperclassmen, this year’s team will be pushed a and encouraged to play harder on the court during games and practices.

“With every year’s groups, we look to tailor certain sets and plays that will accentuate their strengths,” Rugg said.

“This group has shown to have ability to play with a high IQ and we’ve been able to put a variety of set plays in place because of that.”