Bowlers practice to improve on team’s weaknesses

Jade Lewis and Paola Martinez

The bowling team starts the season with a new coach, Robert Ray. Ray said, “We’re struggling. I mean right now we don’t have a lot of great bowlers, we have some athletes but I’m looking for bowlers and what I will do next year is have a bowling camp in the summer, and I will have a couple open gyms.”

The reason Ray did bowling is because “It gives me a new opportunity to do something different, I think that in life variety is the spice of life. Over the years I’ve coached five or six different sports and done some clubs and stuff. I like to do different things and different challenges and doing this has given me just that.”

Ray said he has a strategy that includes the “crawl, walk and run phases. Right now, we’re kind of at the crawling stage, it’s a new thing I’m trying to do, so I’m hoping in the next couple of years we could build on to where we could walk and then run and really compete.”

Sophomore Katherine Balsis said the reason why she joined bowling was because “I really enjoy it and it was a way for me to do a sport that I loved.” Balsis’ goal for this year is “to help my team succeed, whether that be by helping us win or helping each other improve on our skills.”

Balsis also encourages people to join bowling because “bowling is so fun to play. No matter what some people may say. Bowling is a sport just like all others. It requires skill and patience and persistence. I believe any one has the ability to succeed. Bowling has helped me strengthen friendships and make new ones! I’ve also improved my bowling skill greatly, thanks to the awesome coaches.”