New Castle episodes have viewers wanting more


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TROUBLE IN PARADISE: Things look desperate for Castle and Beckett as new secrets unfold with Beckett’s personal investigation.

Rebecca Skiple, Contributing Writer

The eighth season of “Castle” premiered on September 21 with the title “Gone Girl” and had almost every viewer begging for more. “Castle” follows murder mystery novelist Richard Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, and his journey through his career after he kills off his best-selling character Derrick Storm out of boredom. Eventually he finds a new muse Katherine Beckett, played by Stana Katic, a homicide detective for the NYPD with help from the mayor. There he develops a big crush on Beckett and ends up solving many cases alongside the NYPD. Through the last seven seasons we’ve seen heartbreak through Beckett’s search for her mother’s killer and Castle’s mystery identity of his father revealed.

Throughout the seasons we met Alexis, Castle’s daughter, played by Molly Quinn, and detective Kevin Ryan, acted by Seamus Dever, and Javier Esposito, acted by Jon Huertas. We followed. Castle and Beckett’s hilarious and emotional relationship ending up in Castle and Beckett’s marriage in the last season. This show has made me laugh, cry, and want to throw something at my TV. “Castle” will always be one of my favorites, and I can never wait to see the next episode.

Season seven ended with Beckett getting told to run for state senate by the heads of the police department thinking she’s more qualified to be a senator than a Captain of the NYPD. I didn’t agree with him, and neither did Beckett. Castle even opens up his own private investigator office after realizing he needed another hobby besides solving crimes with Beckett. Now this season has been extremely jam-packed with guest stars, drama, and laughs. Beckett and Castle, now married for a year, experience big things. Beckett gets the Captain’s job, and Castle’s P.I’s office has been taking off. Everything’s going according to plan until Beckett gets a call from what Castle thinks to be a telemarketer. This leads into a whirlwind of lies, betrayal, and secrets. Beckett now forced to keep secrets from Castle ending up with Beckett threatening to calling off their marriage just to protect him. The secret relates to Senator Bracken who was involved with Beckett’s mother’s murder. So the only idea that pops into Beckett’s mind… to cut off almost all connections relating to Castle to prevent him from getting targeted and killed.

This new season of “Castle” has had most viewers yelling at their televisions or phones out of frustration because of Castle and Beckett. Everyone can see that they both love each other. It’s very frustrating to see them both not be with each other just because Beckett’s protecting him while Castle doesn’t even know that she’s protecting him. We understand the precautions that Beckett’s taking, but most of us just want her to have Castle help uncover the secrets about Senator Bracken together. This season had me in denial about Castle and Beckett’s relationship and caused me to tune out some of the time because I missed Castle and Beckett’s playful and heartfelt marriage.

Still, we’ve had tons of laughs so far seeing Castle joining up with Detective Slaughter, played by Adam Baldwin. The duo had me dying of laughter because of their singing and hilariously witty dialogue together. The show manages to have the perfect balance between drama and humor. Even though Castle and Beckett are a bit rocky now, we can expect them to eventually come back together and figure out this mess that they’re in at the moment and work together to find what’s going on with Senator Bracken and his political schemes. I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for us. The only thing left to do is to continue watching to see how this amazing story continues and develops.