Paris attacks

Liam McCarthy, Sectional Editor

With good there is bad, with life there is death, with accomplishment there is downfall, and with Paris there is tragedy.

On November 13, multiple terrorist attacks happened all around the city of Paris. Over one hundred lives were lost due to these seven perpetrators and over three-hundred injured. This has definitely been one of the most, if not the most, devastating events that occurred this year, but people are trying to look up.

The seven terrorists have been killed by police forces after they were found and were put to justice. The terrorists have attacked

six different places all over Paris and France. There is only one question now: Where will it happen next? Will ISIS make its way back to America? Or will they strike somewhere new? There is no right answer at the moment because simply no one knows, and are terrified to know. The only thing people can do is wait.

There has been hashtag, #PrayforParis that has been trending all over social media in the last month. All types of people have been using it from celebrities and so forth. Which has really spread it around, so no one would not be aware of its tragedy.

May all the victims rest in peace, and may people be more aware next time.