Scholastic Bowl competes

Brad Hubly, Staff Reporter

Scholastic Bowl. Quiz Bowl. Academic Bowl. These identify the fun fast-paced academic competition where students compete in a wide variety of subjects including the Arts, English, Math, Science, Social Studies and the Miscellaneous categories, is in full affect. Four or five players from a team play at a time and it is off of a lockout buzzer system, similar to jeopardy. The team currently has 17 members on varsity and 10 on the frosh/soph level team.

Scholastic Bowl this year has a brand new Head Coach, Sue Montemayor, and she is looking to lead the team to a successful season this year and

said, “Hopes are high for this season.” Montemayor recently went to Scholastic Bowl coach workshop and said she has learned some cool tricks and coaching style she is excited to bring to the team this year. The team is looking to fall behind their leaders: seniors Evan Hatfield and Eddie Almaraz,and juniors Varika Pinnam and Safia Hattab.

Montemayor has a very positive outlook on the upcoming season. The team recently had a preseason event where they competed against multiple teams from districts 214 and 211, coming away with three wins there. They are hoping that during the season, they can produce more wins.