Math team helps students learn

Jade Lewis, Staff Reporter

Math team is where students can improve their math skills. After a month of practice the students go out and compete with other schools. Math teacher Dave Johnson said “I started coaching with one other coach 22 years ago. I have been coaching the math team ever since! I am always very impressed by students’ drive for learning.”

Johnson said about 50 students are currently on math team. These students learn different ranges of math. They also improve their math skills while in math team.

Johnson said the reason why he got into math team is because “I enjoy coaching the math team because it is wonderful to see students work at their academic limits and discover how much they can learn. Knowledge and math ability are not a static state. Your math smarts can be improved!”

Students will be assorted in different groups based on their grade level. Students can still join. Practices are Tuesdays after school. If any students are interested in joining math team check in with any math teacher or Johnson in room 229.