EG celebrates Noche Latina

Yaritza Lopez, Sectional Editor

The first Noche Latina took place with the help of counselor

Alexander Sanchez, Latino Family Liaison David Maya and instructional assistant Julian Barraza and among the Latino Leadership club students this day turned out to be one of the greatest nights of all. Latino Leadership club suggested that Noche Latina would be celebrated over the years.

Noche Latina was a night where students came on Friday, December 4 and just had a great time with their friends; the event was open to everyone among the staff who helped with this day. They were really looking forward to enjoying themselves. “It was just to celebrate our community to have space where students can come in just to have some fun, and, of course, with a safe environment. We brought a band, which is very traditional,” Maya said.

“The day itself doesn’t really mean anything. We just did it. We know that kids like to have a dance that is more representative to their culture to celebrate. I was looking forward for the kids just to have fun,” Sanchez added.

“Everybody had such a nice time dancing mostly with La Bandeña On Live in our school. Hopefully, they keep doing a Noche Latina each year. Thanks to the teachers for helping us out also, shout out to Latino Leadership students and the staff, Mr. Sanchez, Mr. Maya and Mr. Barraza,” senior Carina Bailon said.

“It was really fun. I enjoyed going to the first Noche Latina. Hopefully they do it more often and not just once a year. It looked like everybody enjoyed being there especially when La Bandeña got there mostly everyone started to dance. Can’t wait for the next event Latino Leadership might host,” junior Daniel Mejia added.

“A lot of other staff who didn’t help with the event came to the event, but also they were very supportive to the dance,” Maya added.