Boys swimming readies for great season

Danny Kummer, Sectional Editor

The boys swimming season kicked off with all the athletes ready for their games. The team was practicing for a few weeks before their first meet, and both the freshmen and varsity players were giving their all.

“We have some freshmen coming up that are really talented,” said sophomore Nick Rosenorn, a varsity swimmer. All the athletes on the team are looking forward to a great season, especially the seniors who may be able to qualify for state competitions in February. “I think we have a bright future,” said Rosenorn.

In addition to what could be a great season ahead, players on the team “show up, work hard, and go home,” said senior Adam Doruff. “The time between those three things is what develops the friendships and bonds we form as a team.” Everyone tries to improve the team as whole by strengthening bonds between players, but individual improvement differs from person to person.

The team practices everything from lifting weights to swimming in different sets.

“I have taken on certain challenges that have improved my physical fitness, my motivation to seek self improvement, and my overall leadership skills,” Doruff said.

The whole team seems to be bursting with the same enthusiasm in regards to the season ahead, but there are still some challenges to overcome.

“This year, starting off on varsity has been a lot harder because I am trying to get myself whipped into shape a lot faster,” said Rosenorn.

As for the players’ hopes for this season, “I hope that the team continues to grow in size and strength, and become not only better swimmers, but generally hard-working people with pride and integrity,” Doruff mentioned. The boys swimming team believes that they have a bright future ahead of them, and with a good amount of practice and determination, they believe that they have a good chance of succeeding.