Girls volleyball undeterred

Evan Hatfield, Editor-in-Chief

History has repeated itself for varsity girls volleyball, with the team currently going 2-25 in conference play this season as of October 19.

Head coach Stephanie Kezios has not been dissuaded by the losses.

“It’s not always about winning to us,” Kezios said. “Because we play against such good teams, it’s just about us playing at our best capability… I think that the girls do that.”

The team’s strategy has adapted in the face of significant roster changes.

“This year, we became more of a defensive-minded team,” Kezios elaborated. “We’re not as tall as we were last year which means it’s harder for us to be aggressive offensively.”

The team has found multiple opportunities to refine their game over the course of the season.

“We’ve been looking at where the holes are on the other court and placing the balls,” senior Rachel Lullo said.

Kezios has acknowledged this active effort.

“They’re listening to what their coaches are telling them, and they’re trying hard,” Kezios said.

Freshman Rachel Kandefer credits Kezios for giving them motivation to improve.

“Everything in general has improved, because we’ve… been taught by a really good coach,” Kandefer said.

Kezios, in turn, gives credit to the team’s captains, senior Alex Masnica, senior Carly Crothers and junior Mary Cronin, for leading their teammates throughout the season.

“They have good attitudes,” Kezios said. “Even when they make mistakes, they take accountability, and then they pick up and move on to the next point.”

The team has had many standout moments, not just in conference matches, but in tournaments as well.

“We played Carmel in a tournament, and I found that to be very fun because we were digging balls pretty well,” Kandefer said.

Indeed, the Carmel match has stood out among the players as a favorite of the season.

“In the second game, we were right with them the whole time,” Lullo said. “We played this really really good team, and we actually could have beat them.”

Players such as Kandefer have acknowledged issues the team has dealt with leading up to the end of the season.

“We have had some problems with keeping our energy up,” Kandefer said.

The lack of energy has not gone unnoticed.

“We’ve become really quiet,” Lullo observed.

Despite this setback, and the lack of wins, the team is remaining optimistic to the end.

“We haven’t gotten as many wins as we want, but they are definitely playing hard, so I’m happy about that,” Kezios said.