Girls cross country succesful at season’s close

Tyra Jenkins, Staff Reporter

Cross country is one of those fall sports that really starts in the summer due to the team running during those hot months to prepare. The girls have reached many milestones because of their efforts.

At the conference meet, junior Emily Stegmeier took 4th place and All-Conference for varsity. Alyson Czyzewski placed 15th for junior varsity. Stegmeier was also undefeated in dual meets. This week the team faces sectional and regional competitions. They hope to qualify as a team for regionals and hope to do well enough for some to make it to state.

Over the course of the season, the team won two dual meets. Coach Mark Heintz said that the team has an unbelievable group of seniors who have been the team leaders this year.

The seniors are Alyson Czyzewski, Amy Haderspeck, Annie Bravos, Artha Da Silva, Cassandra Slattery, Hannah Olson, Inga Augustaitis, Jackey Cruz, Jane Go, Jenna Thanopoulos, Mary Hirschauer, Necca Penaflor and Stephanie Phillips.

Olson said, “As a team we are all really close. It is awesome to know that no matter who you go to, they will listen and try to make you feel better. “

Several girls even gave speeches. “Freshmen were crying along with the seniors because the bonds we have formed over the past 10 weeks are so strong, and no one wants it to end.”

Augustaitis said, “Our team had so many accomplishments. Not only did our team improve our times, we also improved the bonds throughout the team.”

The girls believe their bond has helped them in running as well. Everyone wanted each other to succeed.

“With every race we ran, our success and bonds grew bigger. Heintz always reminds us that our team is running better and better every year, and this year is no different.” Augustaitis said.