EGHS Latino Leadership club helps honor dead

Yaritza Lopez, Sectional Editor

Dia De Los Muertos does not mean Halloween in Spanish. People confuse the two because they happen at nearly the same time. Again this year the Latino leadership club is organizing an event to celebrate it.

Alexander Sanchez, counselor ,and David Maya, Latino Family Liaison are the sponsors of the event.

Have you ever had pan de muerto? Do you love tamales? Has anyone in your family passed away? Students can come to the foyer during their lunch periods on Friday, October 30, to learn about the history and why Dia De Los Muertos is so important.

“El Dia de Los Muertos is a tradition that comes from many years ago,” Maya said. “It is sort of a worship to God.” He explained that over the years it has completely changed since the Conquista De Los Españoles, when it changed from Aztec worship to Catholicism. There are a lot of symbols that represent more of a blend of cultures. The Mexican event is more of a happy remembrance and celebration.

“I remembered with my grandparents just a simple altar like on a table cloth with a picture of someone who just passed away like one of their parents, and a lighting of a candle and I remembered like a little plate of some type of food and probably some drink that they liked,” Sanchez said.

Maya agreed that his family also put out favorite foods and drinks. He also remembered that “back in my town it was a big deal. November 1 el Dia de Los Muertos, and November 2 is Dia de Todos Los Santos (All Saints Day). He explained that on Dia de Los Muertos his family put out water because they believe their loved ones are raised from the dead, and they go through a journey to get there. They might get thirsty. The family put rocks so the loved ones can rest for a bit, and they put out candles to show them a path back home.

For the celebration in the foyer, students can try various Mexican traditional dishes like pan de muerto, tamales chicharron,and atole. Last year, some students did cupcakes. Sophomore Karina Castillo participated last year because Dia De Los Muertos means a lot to her.

“I joined this club because helping others is one of the things I really enjoy doing. I thought that was the best choice to help people. I really enjoyed helping others in need. I stayed up until three in the morning baking and decorating cupcakes to sell,” said Castillo.

Castillo will participate for the second time this year. “I really enjoyed working with them. I get along really well with them. I am planning to join this year and help more people in need. They are like family to me. For me, el Dia de Los Muertos means that we celebrate those who passed away. It is something I take seriously, especially this year, since I lost one important person in my life. I lost my older brother who will now be celebrated on November 2nd with all those who passed away.”