Revamped Fright Fest falls short of hype

Danny Kummer, Staff Reporter

Fright Fest this year at Six Flags Great America received some major renovations that would send a chill down almost anyone’s spine. With more than 100 new employees, in addition to the old ones, working as the gorey creatures of Halloween throughout the park, it is almost impossible not to shriek or be frightened. The whole amusement park has a new feel to it as no one can ever feel too safe as they try to move from ride to ride. It is not an uncommon sight to see innocent park guests screaming and running through certain areas of Six Flags.

In addition to the regular jump scares, new decorations abound, some that will amaze their audience with pyrotechnics, or others that can send people screaming with their sheer realism. One might see gravestones littered throughout the park, corpses seemingly untouched from where they had died and certain props around the grounds that may provide some interesting jump scares. In addition to the detailed decorations throughout the park, a new light show has been designed right in front of the double decker carousel as guests walk in. The show includes pyrotechnics and laser lights that incorporate both Halloween and pop music.

However, the scares do not stop there. This year, two new haunted houses: the Gates of Hell and The Zombie Apocalypse. The Gates of Hell includes six different haunted attractions inside, like the House of Torment and Nox’s home. However, The Gates of Hell gives the same experience as any other haunted house. The only specialty is its quantity of sectors that can be explored. Overall, The Gates of Hell haunted house is not worth the $40 admission. However, this payment allows guests to enter The Zombie Apocalypse which makes the experience worth it. The Zombie Apocalypse takes a new spin on the classic haunted house. Guests who enter the Zombie Apocalypse will be armed with interactive laser guns that allow you to fire upon the undead that may be around any corner. This adds a sense of suspense because the guest is able to interact with the haunted house itself in a new, creative way.

Lastly, Love at First Fright is an annual tradition at Fright Fest. The show has been updated to encompass modern references that most people would enjoy. The on-stage performance allows guests to get away from the monsters of the park and witness a comedic spin on a classic Halloween tale.

Even those who have gone to see this show before agree that each year adds new aspects to the tale that almost completely change the experience. Overall, this year’s Fright Fest seems to be the best one yet for those who would like a good scare on Halloween. However, those who do not enjoy haunted houses or roller coasters may not enjoy the Fright Fest experience.