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“Fear The Walking Dead” offers the beginning of the end, infects loyal viewers with good content

Liam McCarthy, Sectional Editor

The “Walking Dead” phenomenon has infected its viewers with action and suspense. The creator of the comics and the show, Robert Kirkman, has come out with a new hit, “Fear The Walking Dead.” The premiere of the show had an incredible audience, delivering an outstanding 10.1 million viewers. This makes the show the biggest series premiere in television history.

The show’s pilot is everything everyone expected: long, fun to watch, and addicting. The characters like Nick Clark (Frank Dillane), Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), and Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) are interesting and entertaining. The actors and actresses on this show were very well-suited to their parts as everyone hoped. The show starts off with the character Nick, who is a drug addict and a runaway, a person who wants everything else but to be home. He is seeking throughout the world to find who he wants to be, but something gets in the way, something big, something dead.

I would be lying if I said that “Fear the Walking Dead” was better than the regular show. However, it is somewhat close. The characters are completely different and so is the plot and that was good to see. The characters are easily likable and easy to get attached to just like those on the regular show.

I was very surprised to see “walkers” in the very first episode. Most people thought they would not add them in for a while. So it really makes you wonder what is next to come. It also gets you excited.

The regular show is in the far distant past when the apocalypse broke out so the zombies are more slow, rotted, and easier to kill and that means the zombies in the new show are going to be the exact opposite.

Like most viewers, I am very excited to see when the apocalypse broke out, since in the regular show it cuts to months after because the main character, Rick Grimes, is in a coma in an Atlanta hospital. We can only hope they will even show us how it broke out.