Trump Presidency would cause disaster for U.S. citizens, diplomacy

Tiffany Kajiwara, Online Editor

As many of you know, Donald Trump, real estate developer and television personality, is a Republican running in the 2016 Presidential Election. In several polls taken by various news groups, he seems to be consistently the most popular of the candidates. Despite being ahead in the polls, he is one of the least qualified people running for office. I say one of the least qualified because “Deez Nuts” is running for the Presidential election from Iowa, and in that poll, he had 9 percent of voters.

Unlike past Presidents, he has absolutely no experience in the world of politics. President Obama was a senator, John F. Kennedy was a representative, and Calvin Coolidge was the governor of Massachusetts.

The other candidates have held positions in government previously as well. Hillary Clinton was both a First Lady and a Senator, Jeb Bush was governor of Florida and Chris Christie was the governor of New Jersey.

The other candidates understand what it takes to become a political leader. They have had experience on a smaller scale, and they feel like they can lead this country to a better future.

Trump, on the other hand, has always been in real estate. He doesn’t understand the kinds of responsibility that come with leading a nation. So far, his choices have only affected him and his company. He hasn’t ever had to make a decision that could ruin the lives millions of people. However, his previous actions do not indicate he’d care if he ruined someone’s life.

Trump is unapologetic. He is not known for making amends with the people he has offended, and at this point, he has offended quite a few people.

He blatantly said in a news conference that the Mexican illegal immigrants are rapists. After outraging people all across the country, he refused to apologize for the extremely racist comments he made.

If Trump said something particularly undiplomatic to a civilian, they would probably either walk away from the deal or simply continue as if nothing happened. If Trump offended the leader of ISIS, they might start killing more Americans overseas. Between the offensive language and the lack of sincere regret, he could provoke World War III with this country’s enemies.

Even if he does not offend the people overseas, he seems to be offending a lot of people within our borders. He has made several derogatory remarks towards women and most minorities.

Donald Trump has made it very clear that he doesn’t respect women, including his own wives. Ivana Trump, his first wife of three, said she felt violated by her husband, and she used the term “rape” when talking to reporters.

If Trump cannot respect the boundaries of someone he knows personally and loves, how can he respect the wishes of people he has never met?

More recently, he also said that another candidate is unqualified because her appearance is not good enough. In his exact words, Carly Fiorina could not be the next president because, “Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?”

Fiorina responded by saying that she is probably just irritating Trump because she is rising in the polls.

If this is true, Trump really wanted to cut her down. He wanted to make sure he stayed ahead.

He revealed his priorities very clearly. He thinks the most important thing about her is her appearance. He didn’t say that he thinks she couldn’t be president because she isn’t academically qualified, she has the wrong intentions, or she isn’t taking the election seriously. He thinks the most important quality of the president is his or her appearance.

It isn’t smart to elect a man who is so deeply prejudiced. His bias would influence his executive decisions.