Harper Promise: Harper College offers free tuition opportunity

Jade Lewis and Zoya Muneeb

When the word college comes up, excitement for the kids build up, but worries for students and parents arise.

“Where am I going to get the money?”

“What happens if I can’t pay for the college?”

Not to worry: a very special, and beneficial offer has come up, which is called the Harper Promise. Dr. Kenneth Ender, college president who founded the Harper Promise. Harper Promise is an opportunity for all the students in the Class of 2019 who are in D214 to look into. Harper Promise is a scholarship offered to every public high school student in the Harper College district that will fund up to two years of college. In high school, the program starts in the second semester of freshman year. If the students meet attendance, rigor, quality, persistence and community service requirements, they can qualify up to two years tuition at Harper College. If high school students meet the criteria, they will earn the first semester of Harper College tuition free; a total of four semesters of college can be earned, provided a student continues to meet requirements.

From October 15 to December 15, all freshmen of D214 can sign up.

“Harper and their business partner went to the high schools to talk to all the incoming freshmen at Freshmen Orientation and talked to the counselors,” Harper College Vice President Michelle Robinson said.

Not only is Harper excited, so many freshmen, parents and counselors at D214 are very excited for this opportunity.

This year’s freshmen are responding positively to the program and how it will benefit them when looking toward the future.

“It’s a good thing because it’s a great opportunity, and my parents don’t need to pay for the first two years,” freshman Nicole Hanley said.

The counselors here at Elk Grove High School agree that the Harper Promise provides students with a great opportunity as they prepare for college.

“Harper Promise was one of the best things that have happened in a long time. It gives hope and gives freshmen an idea of college,” Elk Grove High School counselor Valerie Norris said.

Another Elk Grove High School counselor, Anna Foecking, shared her enthusiasm for the program.

“This is amazing! For these students to go to college for free coming from someone who is in debt,” Foecking said.

After asking Norris if she thought a lot of people would take the opportunity to take this offer, Norris had nothing but positive feedback to share.

“Because they’re freshmen, 100% of them should enroll. No matter what happens it’s a good deal, and also, because no matter what you do it is covered by Harper if you meet their requirements,” Norris said.